Chasing Light and Shadows


TRI-X medium format film shot on Hasselblad 500c. dev in Kodak HC110 solution B .

peeling paint Adox Silvermax

Adox Silvermax 35 mm film

Shoe .....Adox Silvermax

Adox Silvermax 35 mm film

Tree In Fog

Otay Lake California early morning fog, Neopan Acros 100 Hasselblad 500c F5.6 @ 1 sec. Foggy warm and quiet except the sound of fish jumping and the far away thrum of a frog.


Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 medium format. Taken with a Hasselblad 500c 80mm lens


General impression of the overall image

Spring Storm High Desert California

Fossil Falls California


First classic car show of the year here in Reno, no clue what it's from just saw the tones and took the image. Delta 100 medium format, shot using an old Hasselblad 500c


Ilford Delta 100 120 Evening trip to my favorite pier

Wink And A Kiss

Snow on a rock wall

Guest Bath

Portra film

House fire

Side of a house that was arson, so they think. Delta 100 film Hasselblad 500c 60th sec F 5.6 ,developed in HC110 B, presoaked film in water for one minute prior to development. Six minutes at 68 agitation every 30 seconds, water stop then fix for 10 min. wash for 30. Epson 4870 Scan at 1200 DPI, post LR no adjustments exported