Chasing light and shadows

Door and window

old abandoned building in Bodie California


Daisy in high key

Anna dancing on the beach

Water Lilies

Spilled salt


The Detectives girl friend smoking a cigarette On going series called the "The Detective"



At a flea market and came across a large pile of sockets being sold.

Winter freeze

Frost covers an oak leaf after the first freeze of the winter

Flower concervatory San Francisco

San Fransico Golden Gate Park Conservatory of Flowers.When I took this I did not know that Ansel Adams had taken the same shot as this. After I had finished with my post processing I happened to to come across his image and was please to see mine is almost like his.Thanks Ansel for teaching me how to see.

First Snow

First snow of the year Woodinville Washington


Falling Light

One of the many waterfalls around lake Tahoe. My wife and I like to drive up to Lake Tahoe and watch all the waterfalls at the start of the snow melt. This one was catching the light while the rest of the surrounding rocks were in shadow. First thing that sprang to mind was black and white it was the best way to show the glow.


Small section of the EMP (experience music project) in Seattle Washington


Pond in Woodinville Washington during moonrise shot in IR


Large rope tied in a knot,the light was just cascading across the top to enhance the fibers

A Good Read

Stack of old books at a thrift store

Magnolia petals

White Magnolia petals

Summer storm over Lake Tahoe

Storm clouds

Large Cumulus clouds lite by the late afternoon sun over a grove of trees.


The last sunshine of the day shines on the grass just outside Reno Nevada

Miners Lamp


Part of old mine equipment in Bodie California

Thunder storm

Incoming thunder storm Lake Tahoe

Walk way

Walk way at Balboa Park in San Diego





Gears from old mining machinery

Leaveing the reservation


Plastic garden pot

Tools of the trade

On going series called the "The Detective" His camera to record the crime seen

Spring Daisy's

Hanging Tree

After the storm

Rain storm roars through Reno Nevada

Up and Down

part of my series urban landscapes

Bubble wall

Went for a walk and came across this wall that had been set on fire and this is the aftermath of the paint that burnt.


waterfall in Lake Tahoe


Sexy Jet

Classic car front end hood ornament

Fiji Sunset

Shot this while on my honeymoon in Fiji

Winter Storm

House on hilltop stand tall against an incoming winter storm

Afternoon Light

Deception falls Washington

Forest flower

Sand Feathers


Exploring a forest in Washington came across this nice little flower on the floor.

Aspen Root

Solar eclipse 5-20-2012

Reno Nevada was the perfect place to shot the Eclipse,but at the last minute the clouds started to roll in...

Hearst Castle interior pool

Washed up

While on a short little romantic trip along the Oregon coast. My wife and I came across this tree washed up on the beach while we enjoyed a stroll along one of it's amazing beautiful beaches.

Old Reliable

Steam train along the Oregon coast

Moon set over Reno

On my way to work the other day and as I rounded a corner, this site jumped out at me.



wandering along on a boat dock in Santa Barbara came across this braided rope.

Rolling in

Make a wish

Dandelion seed

Look down there

OK.So we got lost and decided to go ask for directions,as we walked past this alley we heard voices. Looking down it we didn't see anyone but figured hey we heard voices lets ask. We walked from end to end still hearing people laugh and then scream,then sounds of gun fire and tires squeeling. Later we found out there had been a mob hit in this alley in the 40's,I guess the lines of reality crossed that day. Oh and yes we found our way to where trying to get to.


End of the storm

The remains of a thunder storm that roared through.


Spiral stair case at a light house on Whidbey island Washington



Part of the wall at Fort Casey on Widbey island Washington


Guard station at fort Casey on Whidbey island Washington

Watch your step

Top of a light house

Old Pier

Old fishing Pier on Washington's Whidbey island

Water fountains

Wandering around Venice beach and came across these two water fountains just minding their own business. When they were not looking I took there picture

Bell Pepper


Some vegie's that were in my frig


Alley way that separates two casinos from each other downtown Reno

Man walking

valley way in Reno Nevada

Lake Tahoe


Emeraled Bay,Lake Tahoe


Old abandoned house in Reno

Fence Paint

Maple Leaf

Tie up

Spiral Down

Cabrillo Light house San Diego California

White Lily

Three Daisy's

Three Daisies kissed by the sunshine

Leaf steps

Three Daisy's

Molbaks nursery Woodinville Washington


old oil lamp

Old oil lamp left behind in Bodie California after the gold ran out.


Found this abandoned house not to far from where I live and decided to do some emotions shots.This is one from the series




Heating ducts on a roof at the Grand Sierra in Reno

Spiral Down

Stairs at Fort Stevens on Whidby Island Washington

Lambs ear

Frost on a lambs ear

First Snow

Cone flower with the first snow fall of the season

Frost on a Lambs ear

Morning frost on a Lambs ear


Old abandoned house out in the middle of know where


Snow on the Sierras

Rock and Sky

Summer Storm


One of the many mountains that enclose Owens valley

Better times

Abandoned ghost town

One of the rooms that were left to decay in Bodie California