Chasing light and shadows


Large rope tied in a knot

Sky and Tire

Tire floats in a pond


Heating vents on top of a casino roof in Reno Nevada

Three Shells

Three shells on a wood ledge

Three shells

Three shells on a wooden ledge

Snoqualmie River Washington

The Snoqualmie River rushes down from the falls as snow falls on a very cold winter day

Winters Power

Snoqualmie falls in Washington during a hard winter freeze

Johnie C

90 years old and has sever Dementia

My Co Pilot

Man and his dog wearing sun glasses at a fair in Reno Nevada

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins A friend and I went exploring one early morning out east of Reno,and while banging out in the hills we came upon this old abandoned mine....Yes I know logic says if it is not a working mine there is reason it's not.........Sooooo being guys we went in,Damn was it dark.....Wandered into the heart of the mountain and came to the end..........This is the shot from around the bend to the end. In retrospect it wasn't a smart thing to do ,but damn it was cool.

Water and Ice

Frozen waterfall thawing in Lake Tahoe

Looking Down

looking down at a frozen puddle

Dried Pea Pod

Dried Pea pod with five peas showing

Lone Tree Washoe Lake # 1

This is one of my favorite shots and here is why. Way back in 1948 my father in law was a Los Angeles police officer working the beat in Hollywood as a motorcycle cop. About five or so years into his job he was working a auto accident up comes this news paper photographer from the LA Times they chat and each does there job and leaves. So once in while as the years go by they run into each other at what ever was news worthy. My fathering law quits the force to build pools for the stars and starts Roman Pools. The years go on the photographer retires and puts his camera away and wraps it up in news paper, dated 1955 and never uses it again. A few years ago I got divorced and met someone else a few years after that happened we married. My wife’s Parents became ill so we sold our house and moved to Reno to be near them if they needed help. I worked for a company that does church directories and was transferred. Well one day I was sent to Sacramento and while there I met an older gentleman who asked me if I knew any one that wanted an old Speed Graphic I said sure I would be interested. So later that day he brought it by and I took a look at it and bought the kit for 50.00. Which included the flashgun and the standard 147mm lens with holders and even the processing kit. So I take it home buy some 4x5 film and realize that’s it’s actually 31/4 x 41/4 holders which means I have to cut the film down. Which I do and think it’s the right size, which turns out they were a tad to snug so some bowed. Which is why the top of the tree is fuzzy. Anyway I go out take some pictures come home open up the processing kit, process the negs. And when I am putting away the stuff I find a business card of the guy that owned the camera and I ask my father in law if he knew the guy . Keep in mind it’s been 60+ years, he thinks a minute and then asks who again and I tell him oh sure we used to work the accidents together he was an ambulance chaser for the Times. So I ask you what are the odds of me buying this relic from the past and people that it intersected both of their lives in one form or another. That’s why I like this shot is because it reminds me of memories of way back when photographers went west taking shots to sell to folks on the East coast. For exotic travel. It has that feel of times lost, when life was harsh yet simple. But it makes a cool story huh and it’s true too weird huh.

Eyes of Wisdom

He has a life time of stories and wisdom to share if only you ask

I Remember When

At 90 he has seen more than most From the series Johnie C

The smell of a good cigar

The detective pauses to smell the sweet smell of his favorite cigar On going series called the "The Detective"


This is who I am

Johnie C the story teller

Johnie C telling another one of his many stories

John Charles

My father in law John Charles

Johnie C and his Martini

Enjoying a Martini while talking to friends From the series Johnie C

Taste of a good martini

Johnie C enjoying the taste of a good Vodka Martini From the series Johnie C

The Story Teller

Johnie C is the master telling stories

The Tooth Pick

Johnie C holding his tooth pick

The Smell Of Revenge

The Detective deciding how to go about the sweet act of revenge

Time to go

The Detective is ready to storm the house From the series... The Detective


Someday it will come to this, and this will be sexy.

Part of Me

Self portrait from 2 years ago On going series called the "The Detective"

The Man Who Isn't

You never know who he will be,or look like to catch his fugitive. From the series "The Detective"

Paper clip

Single paper clip on a sewer cover

Snow Pier

Sunshine on a pier in Lake Tahoe California

Eagle falls Lake Tahoe

Found this jewel in Lake Tahoe California


Six different types of forks on a black back ground


Everything that he held dear has gone and the only place to hide is here.


How can life get any worse,yet it can


It finally came to this,after all the years of being the best cat herder he realized he would never leave the basement.


This is all he has left


What else is there after all is lost

Johnie C scowling at the sun

Johnie C hates going outside now

Johnie C on the weekend

Why shave on the weekend From the series Johnie C

Date Night

Getting all dressed up after the war for his hot date the Detective puts on a clean gas mask.

Johnie C and his cigar

Johnie C posing with a cigar

Pitcher with brush

Old brass pitcher with brush

Morning Fog Paradise California 1985

Early Morning fog in Paradise California on the edge of Butte creek canyon 1985. Shot on a Calumet 4x5, then scanned using a Epson 4870 at 600 DPI. Silver efex pro 2 and Aperture. Also available as a Giclée starting at 16x20 if interested on pricing please contact me

Pool Table

Pool Table at a fancy house

Monterey Coast

Monterey California coast during a storm

Scrub Oak tree

Lone Oak Paradise California 1985

Good Morning

Canoes float gentally on a lake in Monterey California,as the earley morning sunrise peaks through the trees and sparkles across the water.


Saw this air plane flying over the mountains as my wife and I sat in the car watching the storm. We think man rules the world but if you see this little speck fly over the beauty of this mountain you realize we are just a wink of geological time. When man is gone this mountain will still be standing,makes you pause a moment to enjoy its beauty.

The Detective before he went into hiding

From my series The Detective

Let me tell you a story

Johnie C with A cigar telling one of his stories

Johnie C retired LAPD

Johnie C with his LAPD hat on telling about when he was a cop

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe late afternoon

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe California

Cotton Candy

Deception Falls Washington

Left Behind

Left Behind Found this by a homeless shelter Other sizes are available on request


Two seeds side by side


Seed shaped like an ear

Fallen Leaf Falls

Fallen Leaf falls on the California side of Lake Tahoe. This image is also available in other sizes besides what is offered here.If interested please contact me

Lower fallen Leaf Falls

Lower fallen leaf falls near Lake Tahoe. Other size prints are available of this image if interested please contact me


Tree roots slowly devouring the rocks This is also available in other sizes,if interested please contact me.

Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake in the Lake Tahoe state park


Chemical tank on a side street in Reno


At a close out store in Reno Nevada

Enter Here

Closed Business on forth street in Reno Nevada

Engine Part


My dog MisterOther size prints are available

Wake Up

Morning dew on leaves in the under brush

Silver Graffiti

Silver GraffitiReno off Greg StreetOk, I am sorta proud of this one, Ok more than sorta,to me it has every tone and element of a great photograph needs to make you stop and just stare. Found this jewel while I was having my truck worked on. Took my dog Mister for a walk up the street and came across a very long line of box cars,on a off spur. I took off his leash and said have at it. I walked up to a few cars and nothing reached out and said take me take me. Then the next car said you do not leave until i tell you my story,this is just part of its story.


Water Light

Small waterfall in Carson City Nevada

Light Within

Found these jewels in Carson City Nevada

Old Mother Waterfall

My first impression was grumpy old woman


Small waterfall in Carson City Nevada

Old Woman

Waterfall that looks like an old woman

Against the storm

Monterey Memories

Monterey Memories Shot this in 1979 with my 500C Hasselblad on Ektachrome when this was one of the go to films for cool colors. I was living in Monterey where my soon to be then wife was going to college and I was an apprentice /photographer for the local big gun photographer. In the early morning the fog would roll in and I would walk down to the bay and try to capture that moment when it creeped to that ah ha time.You click the shutter,finish the roll send it to kodak to process and you wait.Yes that's right you waited for days to get that one roll you hoped would be that image you saw for that split second. I looked at this image said close but not what I wanted,who knew thirty some years later I would find this shot,scan it. What I saw was this image way back when and thanks to modern tech. it brought out the magic of that morning.Film plus tech works.

Point to the clouds

Disney's concert hall downtown Los Angeles mid day. Bought a roll of Ilford FXS film to play with while in LA and decided what a cool shot one or two of this building would make. I used a R25 red filter and a Linear Polarizer together, was hoping to get the sky black and rest of the building a lighter tone. Well it worked out to be the opposite forgot this film works like IR film sorta but this works too.Enjoy

Am I That Easy To Forget

Am I That Easy To Forget © Jeffrey Sinnock This is one of those shots when you walk around a corner and bam it hits you in that part of you that searches for this moment.I raised my camera to my eye just then my dog Mister ran to the chair toooooo well you know I shoed him away.Anyway I digress, I dream of things that are weird and cool at the same time too and this is it in one.So let me ask you this,what was the first thing that came to mind when you saw this.If you hated it fine but if it made you stop and stare or think for a second I would like to see your thoughts here. Prints are available,contact me for pricing.

Eight Balls

Eight round balls in a row


Concrete art phere


Abandoned building in Sparks Nevada

Forest Flower

Found this little jewel in Washington state one day while hiking in one on many Washington's gorgeous forests.


Old fort on Whidbey Island Washington

Autumn Moon

Small pond in Woodinville Washington 92 NM IR filter

The Pond

Small pond in Woodinville Washington 92 NM IR filter

Kiss of the sun

Sun kisses the Aspen trees while it splashes over onto the brush 92 NM IR Filter

Simpler Times

Whidbey Island Washington

Into The Sun II

Other sizes available other than here

Two Lilies

Is My Butt Big

Bell Pepper in classic Black and white


Shitaki mushroom

Bell Pepper from Above

Looking down on a bell pepper form above

Bell Pepper

Classic photograph of a single Bell Pepper

Love of Teri

Summer Gladiolus Other sizes are available,please contact me for sizes and pricing

Light Show

Butchart Gardens Canada 2010 while on a mini honeymoon with my beautiful wife. Other sizes are available through me

Follow The lights

I come back to this image every so often just to see what is lurking in the shadows. It has that pull where once you see it it just wants to be played with to find that mood that hidden with in it. Other size prints are available through me,please contact me for pricing and sizes.

Treasure Hunters Dream

He awoke with a start from a very realistic dream about hidden treasure by a waterfall that splits. This was crazy why would he dream of a treasure behind a waterfall when he has not been to one like that. But wait he was in an antique store during lunch and came across that same image,he wondered if it really was a treasure map like the old man that owned the shop said it was. Ill go at lunch and buy it what could it hurt he thought. At lunch he wandered down to the antique store and found it covered with police,he asked the first one he could what happened. Some jerk came into the store held the old man up and the only thing he took was some old picture of a waterfall. I think he means this one,so step right up and get your treasure map. Other sizes are available through me


Take a moment and look at this and you will know why I call it this.