Chasing light and shadows

Locked Door

Locked door in an alley in downtown Reno

Bunch Of Daisy's

Hand full of daisy's


Large leaf reaching for the light Other sizes are available contact me for prices

Waking Up

Playing in my small studio with a few Calla Lilies Other sizes are available contact me for prices

Door 300 1/2

Abandoned warehouse door in Reno Nevada


snow melts away from a large stick in the forest.

Zoom Zoom

Moterized wheel chair speeding down a sidewalk

Two Glads

Gladiolas on a stalk in Platinum Palladium tones

Reach For Heaven II

Lily reaching to the light above

Lovers Flower

Just more of my madness for flowers


Light table then inverted in PS then run through Silver efex pro 2 and Aperture

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterdays blooms and tomorrows bloom


Lily bloom waiting to show off

Two Loves

Classic black and white of lilies in a vase

Calla Lilies

Three Calla Lilies leaning into the light.... well ok actually my soft box

Winters Light

Aspens in winter light


Black and white aspen roots in late afternoon light

Train Wheel

Train wheel of a time long past

Come Sing

Disney concert hall Los Angeles California

Sharp Angles

Concert Hall Los Angeles

Going Home

The road leads just around the next turn

Any One Here

Restroom at a museum


Restroom somewhere in Reno


Old number 45 now lives in an alley in northern Nevada,in his glory he was the best street dancer in all of Reno.

Locked In

Locking up the spirit within

Stay In

Whats in must stay in


Under a bridge that spans the Truckee river in California

Smile II

Single Calla Lily in a vase


Bridge spanning the Truckee river in California


Decided that I needed to shoot some flowers again here is one that didn't get away.

Grapes Into Wine

spilt wine before it is


Iris on a black back ground with a small snot to light

All Wet II

Iris after a rain

Three Sisters

Picked up some Calla Lilies the other day and this is one of the shots I was able to capture while they were behaving.


Love Calla Lilies,no mater how you play with them you get something, but once in awhile you get much more than that.This is one of those moments when you say lets try this and it works.

Loves Glow

What lilies really look like when they are being sexy

Almost Home

Coming home from a drive here in Nevada and saw this stopped ran into the middle of the highway looked at my histogram and thought I can fix this. Welll not sure about the histogram but in my head this is what I saw.

Well Loved

Hasselblad 500C built in 1970

My Love

Everyone loves a little bit of romance


Jicama at a local flea market


Sports store


Shot his in 2009 while walking through a forest and thought someday I could make it look like what I saw that moment in time.Thanks to modern software this is what I saw in black and white,hope you enjoy.

Downward Leaf

End of another year

Winter Rain

Rain drops on leaves after a winters rain in woodinville washington

Two Ways To Go

Local park in Sparks Nevada, I walk my dog here four days a week and always thought this bridge would be cool to photograph at night so with out further fan fair I give you one of my journeys.

Quiet Time

The Detective enjoying the solitude of a good cigar

Tell Me Again

The Detective asking about his next case

Mt.Whitney With Tree

One oak tree stands tall before Mt. Whitney in California

Crags Mt Whitney

The crags around Mt. Whitney California

The Detective with his dog

From the on going series The Detective

Devil Dog

From the on going series "The Detective"

Large Black Dog

From the on going Series "The Detective"

Jazz and a good cigar

The Detective listening to some jazz while smoking smoking one of his cheap cigars. From the going series "The Detective"

Romancing The Light

A little romance


Beauty and elegance of a single sunflower

Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing in Lake Tahoe Nevada

Winters Day

At the summit of Mt. Rose Nevada

Foot Prints

Single track of foot prints going off into the snowy forest

Helloooo Beautiful

Reptile museum in Monroe Washington,went wandering and came across this beautiful girl. Who says there are no dinosaurs any more

My Head Shot

She asked me to take a sexy shot for the dating site she was on,this is the one she choose. She says it brings out the playfulness in her.

Fashion Show

Her first fashion show,she is so excited can't you tell.

He's Back

First Sighting


Deception Falls Washington during snow melt

Hold Me

I little romance to brighten up your day

Journey Begins

Into the waste lands From the on going series The Detective

Sierras from 40K up

Flying over the Sierras in winter on the way to sunny San Diego California

Sierras In Snow

Winters day over the Sierras in Califonia

Imperial Beach Pier California

Childhood fishing pier

Mountain Light

Convict Lake California during a snow storm

Blowing Snow

Mountain peak near Convict Lake California in a snow storm

Lone Pine California II

Incoming winter storm in Lone Pine California

Lone Pine California

Break in the storm over Lone Pine California

Light At The Top

Few miles outside Bishop California,saw the light start to break stopped as fast as I could grabbed my camera took one shot then the light was gone.Sometimes you get lucky,and mother nature smiles on those who love her light shows. Hope you enjoy Jeff

Reno at night Alley

Reno At Night _Alley While searching the nasty back water alleys of Reno The Detective paused to notice a sign that read "Clearance Varies" why would there be a sign for clearance items. Just Then From the series The Detective

Sun Touch

Sun flower with dew

Sun Drops

Sun flower after a rain

Portrait #

It's just one of those days


Large mushroom upside down

Becoming One

Erotic bell pepper

Tahoe Light

Late afternoon storm blowing through Lake Tahoe giving a light show


Just something that came to me when I first woke up this AM. Enjoy

Stand Against The Sky

Driving down HYW 395 in California two days before Thanksgiving last year and saw this as the sun was rising. Enjoy

Balancing Act

New circus show from nature how to balance for eons

Scripps Lake

My Dog Mister looking for what ever moves at Scripps lake Washoe valley Nevada.

Shouting Quietly

Waterfall In Carson City Nevada

Good Morning III

Three Calla lilies in a vase lit by early morning window light.

High Desert Storm

Winter storm over Washoe valley Nevada

Winter Thaw

Tall grass covered in snow slowly melting

Spring Morning

Sunrise near Mt.Whitney California along Hwy 395

Whitney Portal Road California

Driving up Whitney Portal road in California I was driving home a few days ago from Los Angeles and when I entered Lone Pine I saw the sign that read "Whitney Portal Road"which is the road I was looking for to go into the Alabama hills.So I took left and drove into the most awesome place you want to go to.There are giant rocks stacked on top of each other,to put it mildly a great place to get lost in if you love natures rock garden.which will follow this photograph. Any way I drove up towards the top of this gorgeous mountain range,as a crested a hill this is what I saw,I stopped my car and just watched the light change as the sun started to come from behind the clouds.I raised my camera to my right eye and pressed the release button and this is what I captured. Please enjoy

On The Edge...... Paradise California 1983

Was in my storage the other day and came across some of my older negatives,this was shot in 1983 when I lived in Paradise California.

Top Of McGee Creek Road

Saw a road that said McGee creek and it wound up into the Sierras who was I not to say no to the pull. So I drove up this one lane road and at the top this is what greeted me. When taking shots of mountains always listen to that little voice that says follow the road. Yes I wasn't in Kansas ether, California near the Yosemite/Bishop airport.

Which Way To Go

Bicycle racks and more

Follow The Orb

Side street near downtown Reno

Chasing Away Shadows

Alley in downtown Reno

Suddenly Darkness Fell

It went dark as the storm roared through, stayed that way until the sun came up.

You Will Know When

Answered The Detective when the question was asked when to pull your gun and shot. From the series The Detective

Who's Afraid Of the Dark

This is what night mares are made of,once you look at this for a few you will see what I mean...... Enjoy

Man In The Closet

The Man In The Closet Every child's worst nightmare, the man that lives in the closet