Chasing light and shadows

Music Of Light

Light is music to the eyes,as is sound, is music to the ears

With A Twist

Just some creative juices flowing

Sun Glow

Paradise California 1985,shot on Kodak VPS medium format film

One Tree

Driving home from Los Angeles up 395 in California near Lone pine and saw Mt. Whitney all covered in snow and had to get a better shot. found a road that went up into the hills turns out it was Alabama hills where they filmed a lot of westerns. If you have a chance you need to check it out very cool and photographic. Other size prints are available through me,just drop me a email for pricing


snow melts away from a large stick in the forest.

Waking Up

Playing in my small studio with a few Calla Lilies Other sizes are available contact me for prices

Fallen Leaf Falls

Fallen leaf falls California


King Canyon in Carson city Nevada, Portra 160 rated 80, linear polarizer

Secret Lovers

Three white Calla Lilies, playing with my Hasselblad and film. Yes people still use it, at this time I have found Portra to be the best out in the photo world. Other sizes available through me other than here,contact me for priceing


single stalk of glads Other sizes are available, please contact me for sizes and pricing

Love Of Teri

One of my wife's favorite flowers Other size prints are available through me please ask for sizes and pricing

Glowing From Within

Gladiolus glowing from within

Wake Up

Bought some flowers for my better half and in the bouquet their were a few great looking flowers just asking to to be photographed. Who was I to say no,in the style of Magda indigo here on 500PX who does amazing floral work. Hope you enjoy Prints are available other than here in a variety of sizes


Fall light on Aspen trees


Small portion of the EMP (experience music project) in Seattle Washington. Now called the EMP Museum it was designed by Frank O. Gehry,who also designed the Disney concert hall in Los Angeles.


Lower fallen Leaf Falls

Lower fallen leaf falls near Lake Tahoe. Other size prints are available of this image if interested please contact me

Fallen Leaf Falls

Fallen Leaf falls on the California side of Lake Tahoe. This image is also available in other sizes besides what is offered here.If interested please contact me

Morning Fog Paradise California 1985

Early Morning fog in Paradise California on the edge of Butte creek canyon 1985. Shot on a Calumet 4x5, then scanned using a Epson 4870 at 600 DPI. Silver efex pro 2 and Aperture. Also available as a Giclée starting at 16x20 if interested on pricing please contact me

Good Morning

Canoes float gentally on a lake in Monterey California,as the earley morning sunrise peaks through the trees and sparkles across the water.

Monterey Coast

Monterey California coast during a storm


My dog MisterOther size prints are available


Small waterfall in Carson City Nevada

Eyes of Wisdom

He has a life time of stories and wisdom to share if only you ask

I Remember When

At 90 he has seen more than most From the series Johnie C


Large rope tied in a knot


Found this abandoned house not to far from where I live and decided to do some emotions shots.This is one from the series

Spiral Down

Cabrillo Light house San Diego California

Anna dancing on the beach


The Detectives girl friend smoking a cigarette On going series called the "The Detective"


Old wilting Sunflower

Lighthouse Church

A church in Seaside Oregon


Exploring a forest in Washington came across this nice little flower on the floor.

Forest flower

Bunch of lilys

Bunch of lily's

Cape Disappointment lighthouse


Abandoned house in Bodie California

Flower concervatory San Francisco

San Fransico Golden Gate Park Conservatory of Flowers.When I took this I did not know that Ansel Adams had taken the same shot as this. After I had finished with my post processing I happened to to come across his image and was please to see mine is almost like his.Thanks Ansel for teaching me how to see.

Magnolia petals

White Magnolia petals

Winter Thaw


While grocery shopping came across this beautiful Shitaki mushroom decide it was time I add this to my collection of still life's. Variety of other sizes are available through me

Last Date

Found this rose all dried up and decided to teach my self how to light roses like the old masters painted.

Three Daisy's

Three Daisies kissed by the sunshine

Time to go

The Detective is ready to storm the house From the series... The Detective

Eagle Falls ice melt, Lake Tahoe

Ice slowly melts as the snow melts at Eagle Falls on the edge of Lake Tahoe

Redwood trees

One of the many giant Redwood trees in the Redwood national forest in California


One of the last sunsets of summer on Lake Tahoe

Reach For Heaven

Reach for on high

Summer Daisy's

Summer bunch of daisy's in a crystal vase

Calla Lilies

Three Calla Lilies leaning into the light.... well ok actually my soft box

Liquid Sunshine

Martini glass with a lemon twist

Train Wheel

Train wheel of a time long past

Going Home

The road leads just around the next turn


Old number 45 now lives in an alley in northern Nevada,in his glory he was the best street dancer in all of Reno.

Winter Melt

Ice slowly melting along the Truckee river

Break Dancing In The Alley

Something I found interesting one day while walking around downtown Reno

Wake Up

Had a couple of roses open so I took advantage of there beauty. Enjoy


Shot his in 2009 while walking through a forest and thought someday I could make it look like what I saw that moment in time.Thanks to modern software this is what I saw in black and white,hope you enjoy.

Crags Mt Whitney

The crags around Mt. Whitney California

The Detective with his dog

From the on going series The Detective

Black Dog

My side kick Mister

My Head Shot

She asked me to take a sexy shot for the dating site she was on,this is the one she choose. She says it brings out the playfulness in her.

Lone Pine California II

Incoming winter storm in Lone Pine California

Light At The Top

Few miles outside Bishop California,saw the light start to break stopped as fast as I could grabbed my camera took one shot then the light was gone.Sometimes you get lucky,and mother nature smiles on those who love her light shows. Hope you enjoy Jeff


What future lies ahead

Sun Touch

Sun flower with dew

Stand Against The Sky

Driving down HYW 395 in California two days before Thanksgiving last year and saw this as the sun was rising. Enjoy

Balancing Act

New circus show from nature how to balance for eons

Coming Back Together

Another shot of King canyon falls in Carson City Nevada,this is from film.

Winter Thaw

Tall grass covered in snow slowly melting

Last Nights Dream

The future called when dreams were being made and asked when it should come to visit.....No reply

Follow The Orb

Side street near downtown Reno

Here To Help

In the future they might look like this The Detective trying to blend in,this is his most difficult case to date,trying to look like the robots that want to take over the world. From The series "The Detective"

Good Morning

King Canyon Falls,Carson City Nevada

Portrait Of Self

This image came right when I woke up on one of my days off,but one must say yes to the selfie cry. Small soft box and window light from my patio,wireless remote fired by my big toe right foot.

Never Give Up

Once a cyclist always a cyclist,plus a rolling billboard

Feet of the homeless Los Angeles

Walking downtown Los Angeles and came across this homeless man sleeping on the grate. I didn't have the heart to photograph his face though it told so many stories. Sometimes you have to just show the other story...

Checking Status

The Detective checking his smartphone to check his bugs he placed Cell phone is the only light,processed using Tonality


I'm so confused,is there really a Santa Claus

Come To Me

I opened the image and this is what I saw

GQ Moment

The Detective's portrait shot for GQ,he was voted one of the top detectives somewhere. From the series The Detective

Low Tide

Went to Chula Vista California to visit my mom in January,while there I heard on the news that on the 21st was the super low tide for the year. So I loaded up my baby and drove to my favorite pier imperial beach. The sun was starting to set when I got to the beach and this and a few others I was able to capture....


Playing with some shells I found in the trunk of my car


Some shells I found in the trunk of my car


Waterfall in king canyon sparks Nevada,it's at the end of a nice drive up into the hills and then a short hike up the side of the mountain. I was told about this jewel by a customer when I worked in a camera store,figured lets go look. Next day off loaded up my gear along with my dog mister and off we climbed rounding a corner here it is a small part of this wonder. Kodak Porta 160 /120 film Enjoy

Covered Bridge

Honey run covered bridge shot in 1985 with Kodak Plus X 4x5 on a Calumet large format camera.F64 @one minute.Went back years later trying to recreate this neg or something better. Nope which is good because this is what I saw all those years ago.


a large pile of Elephant Garlic at an outdoor market in Sparks Nevada.