Chasing light and shadows

The King

In a small store one day and came across this cool looking flower,decided it needed its portrait taken.

Wake Up

Bought some flowers for my better half and in the bouquet their were a few great looking flowers just asking to to be photographed. Who was I to say no,in the style of Magda indigo here on 500PX who does amazing floral work. Hope you enjoy Prints are available other than here in a variety of sizes

Summers End

Last rays of summer sun shine on two sun flowers Ok not really, shot this in my studio trying to match the same light as the golden hour. Other size prints are available through me,please contact me for pricing and sizes.

Glowing From Within

Gladiolus glowing from within

Two Lilies

Into The Sun II

Other sizes available other than here

Two Lilies

One open lily and one Lily bud

Inner Glow

Bought some flowers for my better half and in the bouquet their were a few great looking flowers just asking to to be photographed. Who was I to say no,in the style of Magda indigo here on 500PX who does amazing floral work. Hope you enjoy Prints are available other than here in a variety of sizes




Daisy in high key


Three Daisy's

Three Daisies kissed by the sunshine

Lost Love

My attempt at the old masters lighting

White Lily


Water Lilies


Old wilting Sunflower



Exploring a forest in Washington came across this nice little flower on the floor.

Forest flower

Daisy petals

Bunch of lilys

Bunch of lily's

Wild Iris


Spring Daisy's

One among many


Magnolia petals

White Magnolia petals

Love Of Teri

One of my wife's favorite flowers Other size prints are available through me please ask for sizes and pricing


single stalk of glads Other sizes are available, please contact me for sizes and pricing

Love of Teri

Summer Gladiolus Other sizes are available,please contact me for sizes and pricing

Secret Lovers

Three white Calla Lilies, playing with my Hasselblad and film. Yes people still use it, at this time I have found Portra to be the best out in the photo world. Other sizes available through me other than here,contact me for priceing

Bunch Of Daisy's

Hand full of daisy's

Last Nights Date

One rose from last night date sad and alone


Large leaf reaching for the light Other sizes are available contact me for prices

Waking Up

Playing in my small studio with a few Calla Lilies Other sizes are available contact me for prices

Two Glads

Gladiolas on a stalk in Platinum Palladium tones

Reach For Heaven

Reach for on high

Reach For Heaven II

Lily reaching to the light above

Summer Daisy's

Summer bunch of daisy's in a crystal vase

Lovers Flower

Just more of my madness for flowers

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterdays blooms and tomorrows bloom


Lily bloom waiting to show off

Two Loves

Classic black and white of lilies in a vase

Calla Lilies

Three Calla Lilies leaning into the light.... well ok actually my soft box

Tainted Love

Bought some roses for wife one day and when one opened up just right I took some black chalk paint and sprayed on the petals. Then played with my lights to get it just right,and you have "Tainted Love"...

Bunch Of Lilies

Hand full of small Calla Lilies in a vase Window light


Single Calla lily lit by window light

Smile II

Single Calla Lily in a vase

Two In One

Two Calla lilies in one Window light

Sunday Morning

Had an urge to photograph some flowers, shot this with window light and a Rodenstock CPL on the front of my 50 1.4. Hope you enjoy

Blue Iris

Saw this beauty today and had to photograph it,hope you enjoy


Decided that I needed to shoot some flowers again here is one that didn't get away.

Out Of The Dark

Very under exposed neg when I first looked at it but decided to scan it any way.You gotta love film

Purple Calla Lily

Window light on left with a reflector on right

Touching The Sky

Lilies Lit by window light

Three Curls

Purple Iris fresh from the garden

Purple iris

Iris fresh from the garden


Iris on a black back ground with a small snot to light

All Wet II

Iris after a rain

Time To Wake Up

Had the day off and decided to play with some flowers, tried for that early morning light I think I came close.

Three Sisters

Picked up some Calla Lilies the other day and this is one of the shots I was able to capture while they were behaving.


Love Calla Lilies,no mater how you play with them you get something, but once in awhile you get much more than that.This is one of those moments when you say lets try this and it works.

Loves Glow

What lilies really look like when they are being sexy

That Inner You

Feel the inner you,you know who you are be you

Magic Rose

Playing with lights and a small LCD single light

Rain Kisses

close up of a rose with water drops

My Love

Everyone loves a little bit of romance

Wake Up

Had a couple of roses open so I took advantage of there beauty. Enjoy

Flower lips

Kissable flower lips lit by western light,this rose was amazing while it slowly opened.Hope you enjoy these tasty pink lips.

Fading Away ()

Bought my wife some flowers and while they slowly faded saw these that were perfect for my obsession with photographing flowers.


Two sunflowers wilting lit by window light

Romancing The Light

A little romance


Beauty and elegance of a single sunflower

Hold Me

I little romance to brighten up your day

Sun Drops

Sun flower after a rain

We're In Love

Happiness makes you glow

One Calla lily

One Calla Lily lit by morning window light

Good Morning III

Three Calla lilies in a vase lit by early morning window light.

Divorce Or

Happy,sad,relieved,shocked, what word describes that moment

Follow The Sun

A little bit of summer time

Moon Light

Moon flower shot on a iPhone 4 post processed using Tonality

Summers End

last oh summer light

I Will Lead

Something sexy

Good Morning

Summers flower


Remembering Summer

White Dahlias

One of many summer flowers

Purple Dahlia

Here is how this was done..... Epson 4870 scanner with the lid up (make sure the glass is really clean) set your scanner at what ever DPI you choose,but keep in mind the higher the number the larger the file.At about 200 DPI your file will be about 83 megs,clean the glass.Because it is a scanner the DOF is shallow,so be creative. Clean the glass,it picks up every little speck of dust and cloning all of them out is very time consuming trust me on this. I set the scanner on custom so I can play with the curves once I do a preview scan.Skies the limit on what you can do go have fun.... Jeff

Long Weekend

The long weekend turned into weeks then months and then years and well lets just say because of these roses and that long weekend those memories still linger...

Long Weekend

Led to many more


Something tasty

Long Farwell

One Last Kiss

One last kiss before I go,then someday we will meet again

Wake Up

Morning light

Don't Touch Me

The fight goes on until the end

We Welcome You

Decided had to do black and white too Hope you enjoy

Say Yes

Her favorite flower

One Rose

One rose one love

I'm Sorry

You know when you have to say this

Secret hug

Thanks to someone out there that knows how my vision works via software,this is how I saw this piece when I lit it. Hope you enjoy


Coming together as one

Two Day Lilies

First signs of summer when these beauties show off.


Rebirth one passes another generation of seeds come about,but the beauty remains.

Forgotten Love

When the romance that once was is no longer

Forgotten Love

When the romance that once was is no longer

Leaving Mother

Playing with a new program for mac called Affinity gotta say i'm kind of liking it.



Daisey lite by window light

Star Lilies

Just a little something to make you smile,the beauty of nature.

Gerbera Daisy

Found this beauty at a nursery in Washington,they have a covered area just like a giant softbox.

Power Of three

Small flower found on the forest floor in washington while on a hike

Star Lilies

Sometimes you see flowers and they don't talk to you, but this one called and I answered. Enjoy

Kiss Goodbye

Today in my backyard

Smile For Me

In my backyard today

Before And After Edit

Egyption poppy pod over an open flower