Chasing light and shadows

When Worlds Collied

Ice freezing and refreezing

Last Date

Found this rose all dried up and decided to teach my self how to light roses like the old masters painted.

Strawberry with bottle

Painters Smock

Window painters smock

Zoom Zoom

Hot August nights classic car

Last Wave

Road Home




Old barn left to fall apart

Burnt wall

Burnt wall from someone dumping lighter fluid on it and then tossing a match on it.

Burnt bricks




Glass and grapes

Wine glass and purple grapes


Sidewalk chalk

Wild Iris

Vase and Strawberry

Bunch of lilys

Bunch of lily's

Daisy petals


Free Dry

Abstract Graffiti and Sign


Classic car hood ornament

VW bus

Right side

fronat end of a calssic car

Left Side

Fancy car at Hot August nights

Orange Daisy

Lets go Fishing

Grandpa's fishing reel


Found these in my back yard,thought they looked interesting


Old wilting Sunflower




Art Glass

Blue circle

Final sprint

One of the many riders in the masters division orf the Reno Tour de Nez


Make a wish

Dandelion seed

Don't breath!!

Saw this as I was driving down an alley

Evening Romance

Entered this image in a Rose competition and took second place over all.


Head shot of my dog"Mister"

Mister 2

Mister is our new dog, he is a Boxador, and you ask what is that it is a Boxer and Labrador mix.

Tooth Picks

I was visiting my mom and while talking to her I noticed this little container filled with tooth picks. Ran out to my car and grabbed my tripod and camera and took this using window light.


Childhood memories

Sidewalk chalk

Maple Leaf

Lost Love

My attempt at the old masters lighting

Rain Kisses

After the rain

Walking back to my car and found this laying in the parking lot.

Horn worm (Manduca quinquemaculata)

Head of a horn worm or what people normally call them a Tomato worm



Three Shells

Three shells on a wooden ledge

Three Shells

Three shells on a wooden ledge

Eagle Falls ice melt, Lake Tahoe

Ice slowly melts as the snow melts at Eagle Falls on the edge of Lake Tahoe


Frozen leaf in ice

Johnie C

90 years old and has sever Dementia

The Smell Of Revenge

The Detective deciding how to go about the sweet act of revenge

Time to go

The Detective is ready to storm the house From the series... The Detective

Date Night

Getting all dressed up after the war for his hot date the Detective puts on a clean gas mask.

Strawberry and vase


My dog MisterOther size prints are available

Work and Play

This is for all of us that has the music in us, whether it be an instrument or Photography we have that Symphony in us trying to be let out.

Yesterdays Tomorrow

Part of the EMP in Seattle

Silver Graffiti

Silver GraffitiReno off Greg StreetOk, I am sorta proud of this one, Ok more than sorta,to me it has every tone and element of a great photograph needs to make you stop and just stare. Found this jewel while I was having my truck worked on. Took my dog Mister for a walk up the street and came across a very long line of box cars,on a off spur. I took off his leash and said have at it. I walked up to a few cars and nothing reached out and said take me take me. Then the next car said you do not leave until i tell you my story,this is just part of its story.

Silver and gold with a twist

Graffiti on the side of a box car

Under The Rainbow


Colored Cracks

Graffiti on the side of a box car

Monterey Memories

Monterey Memories Shot this in 1979 with my 500C Hasselblad on Ektachrome when this was one of the go to films for cool colors. I was living in Monterey where my soon to be then wife was going to college and I was an apprentice /photographer for the local big gun photographer. In the early morning the fog would roll in and I would walk down to the bay and try to capture that moment when it creeped to that ah ha time.You click the shutter,finish the roll send it to kodak to process and you wait.Yes that's right you waited for days to get that one roll you hoped would be that image you saw for that split second. I looked at this image said close but not what I wanted,who knew thirty some years later I would find this shot,scan it. What I saw was this image way back when and thanks to modern tech. it brought out the magic of that morning.Film plus tech works.

Am I That Easy To Forget

Am I That Easy To Forget © Jeffrey Sinnock This is one of those shots when you walk around a corner and bam it hits you in that part of you that searches for this moment.I raised my camera to my eye just then my dog Mister ran to the chair toooooo well you know I shoed him away.Anyway I digress, I dream of things that are weird and cool at the same time too and this is it in one.So let me ask you this,what was the first thing that came to mind when you saw this.If you hated it fine but if it made you stop and stare or think for a second I would like to see your thoughts here. Prints are available,contact me for pricing.

Aspen Trees

Aspen trees reflecting on a pond

Two Lilies

One open lily and one Lily bud


While grocery shopping came across this beautiful Shitaki mushroom decide it was time I add this to my collection of still life's. Variety of other sizes are available through me

Wake Up

Bought some flowers for my better half and in the bouquet their were a few great looking flowers just asking to to be photographed. Who was I to say no,in the style of Magda indigo here on 500PX who does amazing floral work. Hope you enjoy Prints are available other than here in a variety of sizes

Glowing From Within

Gladiolus glowing from within

Herding Cats

Graffiti on the side of a train

Yesterdays Dream

Graffiti on the side of a train,or is it.

Lifting off

Old abandoned building with its tin siding peeling off.This is Kodak Portra 160 film,an amazing film.

Astro Turf

Three colors of astro terf

Sun Drop ()

Took my side for a walk the other day and came across this oil stain on the pavement,ran back well ok I walked fast got my camera took this and then played in Aperture to get it the way I saw it.

Black Dog

My side kick Mister

Red Fence

Red fence at a construction site

Yeah That's Right

Said The Detective, as he smoked the last of his cigar and then arrest his prize. From the series "The Detective"

Enter The Dark

From an earlier upload better crop From my series The Detective

Lets Get This Straight

Says The Detective to the perp

Look Under Your Bed Tonight

You never know what may be lurking in the shadows

Next Case

The Detective and his side kick Mister wait as the portal opens for him to talk about a very interesting case. On going personal project I call The Detective

Dust Pan

Old dustpan hanging on a chimney outside

I Said We Are Closed

Graffiti on a wall downtown Reno Nevada