Chasing light and shadows

First Light

Sunrise at Pyramid lake Nevada

Music Of Light

My neighbor has a Cello I got to play with it's curves

Tumble Down

Part of Snoqualmie falls Washington state

Incoming Storm

Just outside of Bishop California

On The Edge

Paradise California 1985, plus x 4x5

Head ache

When you know it's time to take something to make it go away

Closed For remodling

Best hot dogs along Hwy 395 in California....

Mister.... The Detective's Dog

Stands guard on the stairs protecting his friend

Where Are you? It's Getting Dark

The Detective's dog waits for his return

You Come Here Often

Bad pick up line when dressed like this

Bent Curves

Wall in a concert hall

Belly with Fetus

Alabama Hills California

Out My Back Door

The grandeur of the Sierra's

Liquid Light

Lower portion of King Canyon falls in Carson City Nevada

Good Morning

King Canyon Falls,Carson City Nevada

Rivers Of Life

If you look at a leaf it is rivers of life as seen from space.

Someone To Talk To

The Detective realizes he is drugged when he finds him self talking to his secretary. From the series The Detective

Breath Repeat

What the future may become if ...........You know the rest

Portrait Of A Man

Someday this might be high fashion

Man Of Mystery

He came from know where,danced until dawn then was gone leaving behind the wisp of roses in the air.

The Universe Is Thought

After careful experiments with psychotropic drugs I have come to the conclusion that the universe is actually our thoughts of what the universe should be.As we become more intelligent our view of the universe changes because we see our thoughts differently their for we change the universe not it.

Never Give Up

Once a cyclist always a cyclist,plus a rolling billboard

Darkness Follows

From the darkness he follows those that have done evil,and does what the system won't. From the series The Detective

Where's My Prince

Standing in the dark hallway Still waiting for her Prince who said he would come for her at last nights ball.

I'm A Real Boy

Or Is he.....?

Another Day At The Office

One of the city's many workers returning from a day in the cubical's.

Where Secrets Are Whispered

If you have something to tell,come here and whisper your secrets know one will know.....

Make Your Play

The question is,should you.........

And ?

Was the question,what is rest of the answer....

Hear Me from inside

Are you listening

Highway Man

Playing in the studio Enjoy

You Have Cigar Time

These burn fast From the series The Detective

King Bole

Taste good too

King Bole and Morels

Two of my favorite mushrooms

Moon Light

Moon flower shot on a iPhone 4 post processed using Tonality

Evening Walk

Evening walk with my dog along the Truckee river here in Reno Nevada.

Gas Cap

Just an old Jag. gas cap


Alabama Hills Lone Pine California the arch,worth the hike out in the desert.

Cactus Pears

Tasty on tacos I have been told.

Feet of the homeless Los Angeles

Walking downtown Los Angeles and came across this homeless man sleeping on the grate. I didn't have the heart to photograph his face though it told so many stories. Sometimes you have to just show the other story...


First time using LR and Tonality pro together


From the series The Detective

Wise Guy

Just when the bar was closing someone had to get stupid from my ongoing series The Detective

Silent Rush

Fog whispers down the side of the Mt. Rose Nevada

Come To Me

I opened the image and this is what I saw

Long Farwell


Peeling paint on a gas station ceiling along 395 in California


Downtown Reno near Midnight

Say Good Bye

Started an on going series a few years back I titled "The Detective" It's my self dressed up as a 1940"s movie detective. This one came to me in a dream(yeah know) but really it did thats how my mind works. I was trying to figure out how the storyline was going if there really is one. A good friend of mine was coming through Reno and he was on his way down south for a job and had his studio with him. Here's one from that shoot.... Enjoy

Back To The sea

Something Else

Burt Burphy

The Detectives alter ego

House On The Hill

Driving down Hwy 395 came across this hot spring early in the morning with the sunrise coming through the stream.You know you have to stop.

Out Of The Shadows

He comes out of the shadows just long enough to keep an eye on his tail. From my ongoing series "The Detective"


Lack of water is drying up lakes and rivers across the west

Forest Floor

On a side trail while hiking in one of the many forest in Washington I looked down and there it was.

Mountain Fly

Walking my dog Mister along the Truckee river here in Nevada,heard a croak looked up and without thinking I raised my camera and fired off a few shots.

Sentinels Paradise California

Going through some old negatives and came across this one from 1983,film was king.

Spring storm Sierras

Coming out of Bishop California,hoping for snow in the mountains instead I saw this.

Playing with light

Coming out of Bishop California,hoping for snow in the mountains instead I saw this.

Forgotten Love

When the romance that once was is no longer

Forgotten Love

When the romance that once was is no longer

Foot Print Modern Man

iPhone 5 with HDR turned on,into Aperture then Tonality pro back into Aperture for a few final tweeks. Wildwood Park Sparks

One Time Afair

Start of a bright idea

Newest Accessory

Says the sales person (Being PC) "This is the newest in fashion from Russia after the strikes" hmmmmm .... Pause ..................Hit a nerve ? Check your sensor for remnants of leftover film,they are watching

White Rose

Playing with my scanner again


Single foot print in wet sand at the beach

Where Some Dreams Die

Alley way somewhere in Los Angles

Walk To The End

Playing along the California coast with Singh ray 9 stop DN filter along with a Rodenstock CPL thats 2.5.


On the drive back from Los Angeles just outside of Bishop California.

Love My Curves

A friend had a cello I pleaded with her to let me play with some light.


Trout farm in Oregon

Eldorado Casino Reno Nevada

Eldorado Casino Reno Nevada 11-29-2015 Super Graphic 4x5 film camera 147mm lens,Snanghai 100 ISO F32 1/2 sec. Stand Developed in Xtol for two hours four onces of stock to 48 of water. 5 minutes pre soak then developer agitate first minute then let stand. Two rinces of water then fixer for 20 minutes first minute agaitate then let stand. Wash for 30 minutes,three drops of photo flo hang to dry.Scanned on a Epson 4870 flat bed scanner at 200 DPI. Post in Aperture and Tonality CK for toneing.Shot at about 4pm Just wanted to try something new first attempt

Under the house

Shot using a 1948 Speed Graphic 3 1/ 4 x 4 1/4,Efke Film processed in HC110 3-1 mix. Abandoned house in Reno Nevada,light comeing from the basement door down a hallway.

Taste Of A Good Cigar

Relax and enjoy the taste of a good cigar

Knock on the door

The Detective cocks his gun after he hears a knock at his office late at night. From the ongoing series The Detective

Keeper Of Lies

If you have told it he knows what it was and when.

Hey How Are Ya

Hey How Are Ya Shanghie 4x5 BW neg shot using a super graphic @ F16 @ 5 minutes lit only by city lights. Developed in Kodak Xtol 4oz stock to make working solution of 54 oz, pre rinse with water for five minutes dump had developer agitate once let stand for an hour then agitate for three sec let stand for another hour.water stop bath,fix for 11 minutes, why eleven you ask well simple it's a prime number why else duh. wash neg in water for what ever length you want, I use photo flow for a soak of about 30 seconds,there are others out there that work great for a wetting agent I just prefer it since high school.let dry, I use a Epson 4870 flat bed scanner with a little bit grain reduction. scan at 240 dpi and you file is about 150 megs. We let our children play on scary things like this,isn't that cool.


Watching You

He knows your every move On going series The Detective

Leaf #5

Detail of a Fall Leaf

Rocks and snow

Two rocks appear as the snow melts around them


some sort of mining equipment in Virginia city Nevada


Ladder of success at an old barn in Nevada

Hold Fast

Side of an old mining container

Door With X

The Things I Have Seen

ILFORD FP4 4x5 King Canyon Falls Carson city Nevada

Above and below Lake Tahoe Nevada

Lake Tahoe just before sunset,looking under water with a little help with a Rodenstock 2.5 CPL.

Evening Light Show

Evening light on a large spring storm cloud along Hwy 395 California

Walk into forever

While on a shot I got up early and went for drive came across this bridge. Enjoy

Spoiled Romance

College project from 1975 find an old building and record its history.this is one from the shoot,Shot on Kodak Plus X 35mm film using a Canon FTB scanned using an Epson 4870 flat bed. Post in Tonality CK and LR

The Fracturing

Ice cracking around rocks along the Truckee river in Nevada

I Can Change Everything With This

The question is should he

Road and Clouds

Gravel road leading off into the desert to the mountains in the distance at Fossil Falls California.

Spring Storm High Desert California

Spring storm in the high desert of California along hwy 395 turn off for Fossil falls. Drove around behind the cinder cone and found a road,decided I wonder and drove on. The clouds were coming up over the mountains as the sun went down the light played across the scrub weeds. Slammed on my brakes well ok it was a bumpy gravel road I was going maybe 15 miles an hour,came to a stop grabbed my Hasselblad jumped out of the car tapped the button for the meter and the battery was dead. I thought damn now what ( in the back of my head there was the voice that said use your nikon) No time I figured I want this here and and that to fall there but what if, Screw it 1/15 sec F5.6 it is, and this is what I saw. Enjoy

Tell Me Your Needs

Travel the back roads of the darkest forest and she will appear before you and demanded a tale of your darkest thoughts.


Pile of different shapes of glass


Crab at an outdoor market

Blood Knot

Frayed Rope with blood

Covered Bridge

Honey run covered bridge shot in 1985 with Kodak Plus X 4x5 on a Calumet large format camera.F64 @one minute.Went back years later trying to recreate this neg or something better. Nope which is good because this is what I saw all those years ago.

Next Case

The Detective and his side kick Mister wait as the portal opens for him to talk about a very interesting case. On going personal project I call The Detective


Sunlight plays across the curves of a building somewhere in Daly City California

Conservatory of flowers

Golden gate park conservatory of flowers San Francisco


Deception Falls Washington


One tree on a hill