Chasing light and shadows

Waiting For the Flash

Hermosa Beach California

South Bishop California

A moment in time ,coming home from Los Angeles via 395 came around a corner just out of Bishop California and a just a few moments of light. Stop my car grabbed my camera and watched light play in the mountains, I was lucky enough to record it's dance.

Cape Disappointment lighthouse

Window in Blue

One among many

Cape Disappointment Washington

Cape Disappointment lighthouse

Lake Tahoe sunset

Stormy Morning

Shot this quit a long time ago,waaaay back in 1979 when I was living in Monterey California. Large storm was rolling in from the Pacific,and who was I to pass up this opportunity.

Lake Tahoe at sunset

Seen from Sand Harbor looking west just before the sun set

Tree Stump

Found this jewel while hiking the hils around Reno Nevada

Seattle Sky Line

Looking east towards Seattle Washington's sky line


Abandoned house in Bodie California

Old abandoned house

Interior of a abandoned house in Bodie California


Old barns on Whidbey island Washington

Hanging Rope

Three tone rope hanging against a red brick wall

Rain in Reno Nevada

walked out of where I work looked west and saw this. Ran back inside grabed my camera sprinted back and took a couple shots before the sun ran away.

seattle weather

Thunder storm rolls in off the ocean into Seattle

Reno Rain Storm

Late in the afternoon a rain storm roared through Reno.As fast as it dumped its rain it edged back to the mountain and said good bye.

Hearst Castle where the rich played

Indoor pool at Hearst Castle in San Simeon California


Lighthouse Church

A church in Seaside Oregon

Early morning barn

Found this jewel in sequim Washington while on a shot.

First snow

First snow of winter

Oregon Lighthouse

While on a short romantic trip up the Oregon with my wife,we came across this little lighthouse

Redwood trees

One of the many giant Redwood trees in the Redwood national forest in California

Lighthouse window

Looking out to sea

Imperial Beach Pier

Imperial beach pier where surfing is the main stay of the city.


Natures power

After sunset

Taken in Washoe valley near Reno Nevada, about 30 minutes sunset

Sailing with the light

While on a sunset cruise with my wife,a regatta sailed past us.

Chasing the sun

Sunset tree

Coming home from work waaaay back in 1981 saw this and had to pull over and take its portrait.

Michelangelo's Pietà

Here in Reno Saint Thomas church has an exact duplicate of this gorgeous statue.

Summer Storm

Summer thunder storm in Reno Nevada.This color only lasted a few minutes but while it lasted it was awesome to look at.

In the beginning

Huge summer thunder storm roared through Reno creating amazing cloud patterns


Guard station at fort Casey on Whidbey island Washington

Crowley Lake California

Last wave

Sunset at Imperial beach pier California

Rain Kisses

Rain drops on a pile of leaves

Eagle Falls ice melt, Lake Tahoe

Ice slowly melts as the snow melts at Eagle Falls on the edge of Lake Tahoe


Frozen leaf in ice

Morning Fog Paradise California 1985

Early Morning fog in Paradise California on the edge of Butte creek canyon 1985. Shot on a Calumet 4x5, then scanned using a Epson 4870 at 600 DPI. Silver efex pro 2 and Aperture. Also available as a Giclée starting at 16x20 if interested on pricing please contact me

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe late afternoon

Cotton Candy

Deception Falls Washington

Spring Rain

Went for a drive to see if I could capture the storm that came into Northern Nevada, Virginia City area. I stopped on the side of the road and waited for five minutes for the rain to fall more jumped out and took this. Prints are available if you are interested please email me

Golden Door

Graffiti on a box car door in Reno on a side track,Took my truck in for some minor repair.While it was getting repaired Mister(my dog) and I went for a walk and and came across a whole line of boxcars lined up all covered in Graffiti.This one was the most dramatic

Silver and gold with a twist

Graffiti on the side of a box car

Monterey Memories

Monterey Memories Shot this in 1979 with my 500C Hasselblad on Ektachrome when this was one of the go to films for cool colors. I was living in Monterey where my soon to be then wife was going to college and I was an apprentice /photographer for the local big gun photographer. In the early morning the fog would roll in and I would walk down to the bay and try to capture that moment when it creeped to that ah ha time.You click the shutter,finish the roll send it to kodak to process and you wait.Yes that's right you waited for days to get that one roll you hoped would be that image you saw for that split second. I looked at this image said close but not what I wanted,who knew thirty some years later I would find this shot,scan it. What I saw was this image way back when and thanks to modern tech. it brought out the magic of that morning.Film plus tech works.

Point to the clouds

Disney's concert hall downtown Los Angeles mid day. Bought a roll of Ilford FXS film to play with while in LA and decided what a cool shot one or two of this building would make. I used a R25 red filter and a Linear Polarizer together, was hoping to get the sky black and rest of the building a lighter tone. Well it worked out to be the opposite forgot this film works like IR film sorta but this works too.Enjoy


Fall light on Aspen trees

Locked Red Door

Was walking down an alley looking for interesting this to shot,I came across this door raised my camera pushed the button it went thunk and I moved on. A block away I realized I hadn't metered I thought damn maybe luck will be with me. You decide


King Canyon in Carson city Nevada, Portra 160 rated 80, linear polarizer

One Tree

Driving home from Los Angeles up 395 in California near Lone pine and saw Mt. Whitney all covered in snow and had to get a better shot. found a road that went up into the hills turns out it was Alabama hills where they filmed a lot of westerns. If you have a chance you need to check it out very cool and photographic. Other size prints are available through me,just drop me a email for pricing

Fallen Leaf Falls

Fallen leaf falls California


One of the last sunsets of summer on Lake Tahoe

Play Time

Fallen Leaf Falls near sunset , Lake Tahoe

Come Sing

Disney concert hall Los Angeles California

Going Home

The road leads just around the next turn


Truckee river just over the Nevada California border

Almost Home

Coming home from a drive here in Nevada and saw this stopped ran into the middle of the highway looked at my histogram and thought I can fix this. Welll not sure about the histogram but in my head this is what I saw.

Home Plate

waiting for next season

Last Fall

Last Fall at a vineyard

Mt.Whitney With Tree

One oak tree stands tall before Mt. Whitney in California

Crags Mt Whitney

The crags around Mt. Whitney California


Windy day at Lake Tahoe Nevada side just before sunset

Sierras from 40K up

Flying over the Sierras in winter on the way to sunny San Diego California

Balancing Act

New circus show from nature how to balance for eons

Collecting Pine Cones

Bottom of a waterfall where it collects Pine cones for later

Fishing Time

First on the water to catch the one that didn't get away

Whitney Portal Road California

Driving up Whitney Portal road in California I was driving home a few days ago from Los Angeles and when I entered Lone Pine I saw the sign that read "Whitney Portal Road"which is the road I was looking for to go into the Alabama hills.So I took left and drove into the most awesome place you want to go to.There are giant rocks stacked on top of each other,to put it mildly a great place to get lost in if you love natures rock garden.which will follow this photograph. Any way I drove up towards the top of this gorgeous mountain range,as a crested a hill this is what I saw,I stopped my car and just watched the light change as the sun started to come from behind the clouds.I raised my camera to my right eye and pressed the release button and this is what I captured. Please enjoy

Catching First Light

Topaz lake California at that golden hour that makes the whole world sing


Concert hall Los Angeles

Point Of Light

Concert Hall In Los Angeles

Catching First Light

First on the water to catch the big one Topaz Lake California @5:41:55 am

Out My Back Door

Alone hwy. 395 in California

coming home

Washington State near the ice caves

Kiss Goodnight

Sunset at Redondo beach pier in California

Reno Arch

Reno arch with a little bit different angle and colors.


Single foot print in wet sand at the beach

Secret Whispers

He watches from the shadows to keep his eye on his mark, making sure the syndicate can't get to him. From my ongoing series The Detective

California Surfing

Surfer at Hermosa beach California watching the sunset just before swimming out to catch a few waves before darkness.

Love Till the End

A lone couple watches the sunset on a California beach

Surfing The Glow

Hermosa Beach California waiting and hoping for the green flash the sky put on a show.

Time Passages

Looks like a typical California pier,but it is actually portals into where you want to go. Time Passages There is something about the ocean that makes me want to record its motion. When you just watch and listen to the sound of the ocean, there is a small portion of your brain that whispers....... coooome hhhhhhome. The pull of where it all began ( my belief not dogma) the fresh air ,the fant wiff of salt,sand,sound and life. Then you add in a pier, where the waves crash against supports so we as humans can walk out on the water,or cast our fishing lines out farther than before it was here.Then you add in time of motion, the movement of the waves as they caress the supports of the pier. This is 30 seconds of the life of this pier. Nikon D300 set on neautral,18-70 dx lens,F29,iso100,Rodenstock CPL 2.5 stops,Singhray 9 stop, 30 seconds of time as we know it. Magic of software to translate it as I saw it in my minds eye and love of.

Spring Storm High Desert California

Spring storm in the high desert of California along hwy 395 turn off for Fossil falls. Drove around behind the cinder cone and found a road,decided I wonder and drove on. The clouds were coming up over the mountains as the sun went down the light played across the scrub weeds. Slammed on my brakes well ok it was a bumpy gravel road I was going maybe 15 miles an hour,came to a stop grabbed my Hasselblad jumped out of the car tapped the button for the meter and the battery was dead. I thought damn now what ( in the back of my head there was the voice that said use your nikon) No time I figured I want this here and and that to fall there but what if, Screw it 1/15 sec F5.6 it is, and this is what I saw. Enjoy

Carson Valley Nevada

Come out of the fog early april 2016 and this was what I got to see.Hope you enjoy

Good Night Lake Tahoe

Sunset over lake tahoe at Cave rock nevada

Golden Light

Imperial beach pier California at dusk


Long exposure of imperial beach pier